Well, it’s been one epic, adventure-filled summer.  We added two...

Well, it’s been one epic, adventure-filled summer.  We added two new members to the line-up.  We surfed rivers.  Climbed the Rockies.  Drove through Death Valley with no A/C.  Surfed Newport Beach.  Drank coffee on Balboa Pier.  Watched Social D on the Sunset Strip.  Ate fish tacos.  Listened to Slayer.  Hung out with Echo Sparks at a burlesque club in East L.A.  Drank Red Bull.  Saw JD McPherson at the Santa Monica Pier.  Dined at The Hollywood Roosevelt.  Enjoyed Willie Nelson at The Greek.  Hung out with the VW’s and characters of Venice Beach.  Drank martinis.  Drove Mulholland Drive.  Snuck into the Hollywood Bowl Observatory.  Barfed on Hollywood Boulevard.  Drank Rock Star.  Spent the night in the Tenderloin in San Fransisco.  Re-enacted the scenes from Bullitt and The Dead Pool.  Ate roadside sushi.  Stopped for food at Bless My Soul in Eureka because we liked the name. Slept in the car.  Started a night pie trend.  Shopped for vinyl in Winnipeg.  Had our truck towed in Vancouver.  Listened to Warrant. Ate oysters on Granville Island.  Attended a film noir festival.  Watched Seaway and The Dirty Nil at The Cobalt.  Played at a wedding on the seashore on Bowen Island.  Used the word “moist” as often as possible.  Ran out of gas just outside of Golden.  Blew a radiator hose just outside of Banff.  Ate convenience store smorgasbord dinners.     

And through it all we made music.  We played festivals and clubs.  We made new friends.  We sold out of CD’s and two different styles of t-shirts.  We recorded a new album.  We released a new single.  We were nominated for a music award.  And then we made more music.  

 Yes, it’s been one for the books.  And it’s because of you.  Our friends, our fans, our families.  Each and every one of you.  We couldn’t have done it without you.  

Thank you from The 427′s!  

-Another great band photo by Mark Preston.     

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